Since nobody reads my blog (its ok I planned it that way. I pretend I have my own separate internet world :)) I have decided to go ahead and do what I always tell people not to… I am going to cry, wail, stomp my foot, be pissed and cry some more. No one reads it so it is like crying on the inside right?????

Crash and burn, repeat… story of my life. I am at the crash and burn part.. again.

I I am not good at anything and it drives me nuts.  My dad once told five year old Jenny everyone had talents… It took me to age 15 to realize my first. I am a great liar. I loved to act, so I used it for good. I am always amazed that people believe me when I do lie (always teasing them). Thankfully, I never wanted to be a criminal so that talent is used only to tease people gently and swear to GOD you do not look one pound heavier.  My second talent? Selling my soul to anyone that needs it. You need something? I always want to do it for you. In some ways it has worked to my benefit. To date, I could not get laid off or fired to save my life… it is impossible, I have tried. The downside, giving your everything to someone leaves you with nothing… and that is not a great way to live life.

So the only two things I am good at? ARE REALLY BAD FOR ME.  I suck at knowing what to do with my life, making good life decisions, choosing wisely, decorating, dressing, shopping, cooking, being a good friend, driving. I mean really, I am not even average… I suck.

So I am going to cry like a baby about it tonight. Stand up, dust myself off and try to not repeat the cycle.

I did work out today…… there is a glimmer of hope for me (ps. I sucked at that workout as well). I am useless……………..


~Oct 5, 2014