Ok, I need a little motivation…
1. I need to start working out, I need to lose weight. I need to get motivated. To go along with all three, I need to stop watching so much tv.

It is a horrible cycle I am in. I crash and burn, I recover, I focus, I look and feel great, I get a job, I overdo it, I spiral, I crash and burn, I recover (you get my point right)?

So I need to break this cycle and a dear friend reminded me that I set my own cycle… She was right, I hate her (ugh ok dislike her quite a bit at this exact moment). SO… here are my plans.
1. Tomorrow get done all the little errands I have been meaning to for a year.
2. Work out six days a week. Five days a week BEFORE work. One hour of OrangeTheory and then days I can also run. So 5 am class, 6 am run (Monday and Friday as I have to be at work too early on Tues-Thurs).

3. Work no more than 45 hours a week.
4. Pre-plan activities on the weekends so I do not just sit here.
5. Pre-plan any tv shows (less is more Jennifer) and stop watching reruns (ohh Big Bang Theory how I will miss you).
6. Make a game plan for work future.
7. I need to start looking for people that inspire me again, I loved that. )

I need to lose 20 lbs (maybe more, I am too afraid to weigh myself). I need to start really living life and stop being such an introvert. I need to also right a game plan for work so I can get going. Wait… I am making that number six, hold on… ok done. I thought of a number seven as well!!!