So regardless of how my past two posts sound, I really have been trying to stay positive.  Over the past few days a few stories have crossed my path that inspired me each for their own special reason.  So I gave myself a challenge. Post 365 inspiring posts about people that are out there inspiring people just by being who they authentically were born to be. Do you know what my response was to that challenge?? Yep, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”.

365 days, 365 stories….. starting today. Here are the two goals:

1. 365 days, 365 inspiring stories. Reason, to make me focus on listening for the inspiration. To make me focus on the unsung hero’s in some cases and not just those we always hear about.

2. To have my story be 365 for a multiple of different reasons. 1. Because I hit goal one. 2. Because that leads me down the path where maybe I am inspiring to someone OR the stories inspire someone. 3. Find my authentic self somewhere along the way. 🙂