Witty – showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor

When I was growing up I started to realize things about my mom and dad…

Both – They were passionate about what they loved. First and foremost me… oh ya and the other one…. Liz, that is her name. Me and Liz. 🙂

Dad – Passionate, athlete, caring beyond words, voice that rocked buildings and scared people, dry humor,  flirt (not in bad way) and loving loving loving.

Mom – Passionate, smart, matter of fact, photographic memory, grammar goddess, loyal, and loving loving (oh she would cringe at my grammar on this blog) and……witty.

Growing up, especially around the church we were in at the time (at that age I was just beginning to see my mom as a person and not just as a mom). To avoid being mean I will not refer to the church with its given name… we will instead call it…. “cult” (isn’t that nice of me??).  So growing up and being age… 5-8 maybe?? I started to see my mom through others eyes.  Since we were sooo super involved in “the cult” those were the people I saw it through.  I remember two men specifically and watching them with my mom. They looked at my mom differently. To me my mom was.. my mom…caring loving best cuddler ever.  I started to notice something though. These men, in positions of leadership…business men… smart men… men I considered special. They sought out my mom. NOT IN THAT WAY… They sought out my mom because she had something.  Those men called my mom “susie”. NO ONE calls my mom “susie”.  Her name is Susan, always has been. These men… called her Susie… 🙂 and I never thought about it till years later. These men in leadership considered my mom an equal and therefor gave her a nickname.  My mom was smart, very smart.  She was smart in the end days of “women should not have to be smart”. My mom was FAST, her thoughts process faster then others. You know those times that you think of the PERFECT thing to say hours after the conversation? My mom does not have those thoughts, the words magically come together instantly and perfectly in that moment. My mom is witty…. REALLY witty. Of course on the other side of witty is cutting.  She was NEVER like that with me or with any child. She was so great and caring with kids.  With adults, do not cross her…. she will “cut you”.  I remember her talking to others in “the cult” and seeing her talk way above their heads. They never had any idea. That was the first time I realized everyone is different.  I was around many people at that age that had that blank stare look, do you know what I mean? I live in the South now and the term I would use for those with that stare is “well bless your heart”. Lets just say I knew my mom was different then most moms (not all, I had more than a few smart woman in my life).

All my life I thought I was very much my father’s daughter. I have many of my dad’s core characteristics. In all honesty, both his wonderful characteristics and his (cough cough) annoying ones.  I thought I was Ralph E Tucker Jr with an extra quadruple dose of heavy sarcasm and none of the caring lol.  Recently… I have come to realize I am also my mom’s daughter. How and why? In the past four months 12 friend have called me “witty”. To which I responded ‘you should meet my mom, you do not know the definition of witty”.  

Do I think I am witty? No, mostly because my mom is so witty I would not begin to put myself near her in that category. What I do have… is that crazy ability to say the perfect thing at the perfect time.  I can even argue both sides of any argument (thank you 7th grade debate class).  I remember the teachers pulling me aside and saying “Jennifer, very few people can do that.” Do what? Think of things to say and say them? Oh ya….super hard (eye roll).  What I have learned since is….man… that is a super power that can be used for good or evil.  In total disclosure…. here is a conversation I just had with my boyfriend.

Dave: You should have been a lawyer, you can argue people into corners (I had just made him almost cry after bursting into the bathroom to confront him with solid facts to end our fight. PS Joel Olsteen does not collect a paycheck from his church. If you want to fight with me about it… you know where I am. PPS I will “cut” you.)

Jen: “Ya… well the scary part is I only say 10% of what comes into my head.”

Dave: “10%?????? Dear God…. what is the other 90%????”

Jen: “Well 10% more is factual but would cause tears…. the other 80% is just plain cutting.”

It’s true. I sit there most times and filter out 90% of what is in my head. I have never admitted that….. to anyone.  If people could see what is stated in my brain? Dear God………….. So I think everyone has a super power. That one ability we all have to be used for good or evil.  Mine is something I do not quite have a harness on so I let it dwell happily in my head.  Those perfect statements that make people laugh. Those perfect statements that could also make people cry.

Dave asked me once why sometimes (VERY rarely) when I am especially passionate about something that I seem to “come alive” and “become another person” and impress the pants off him. To which I responded, “because when I am super passionate about something I take off the filter. Me without my filter… is pure Jennifer E. Tucker.” I then pointed out to him that those that really know me really well.. very rarely ask me my opinion about anything. I always thought no one really cared what my opinion is (which is fine). Now I realize….. 🙂 those are the same people that probably know I am a little like my mom.

So next time we are having a conversation and you see that sparkle in my eye come and go? I just internally made myself giggle…. wouldn’t you love to know what I was thinking??????? 🙂