I have a few alter ego’s.  I am (and my mommy had me tested ~ Sheldon) a certified introverted shy gal. Meaning, I should be the wall flower sitting in the corner making sarcastic comments internally about your conversation. Challenge is? I am not. I am listening, oh am I listening… but I am talking to. I feel the need to constantly be “on stage” and at parties I am in constant character as an extrovert trying to make everyone laugh.  

Jenny –  (Authentic) Introverted shy sharp witted gal. Usually alone enjoying life with my dogs. Obsessed with reality tv because I love to see other people in their worlds, fascinating.  Loner and always listening…. small circles and a handful of GREAT friends and family.

Tucker – (FAKE) Extroverted smart ass and an excellent conversation starter.  There is NOTHING I love better than making people laugh (usually at my boyfriends total expense which he takes in stride.)  I love to argue and I love to talk people into corners and make them submit.   SARCASTIC and can only battle that with quick hugs and smiley faces on emails.  

I could be declared bi-polar as I have an infinite trust in God and His hand in my life. I am positive that all things work out in life and still hold dearly onto the fact that if you smile and work hard, good things will come.  On the other side, man do I get down on my down days.  When I am not “on stage” or “entertaining” (ha mostly myself to be clear) I get so down that “Jenny Pissy Pants” comes out to play.

Jenny Pissy Pants is mean. I do not like her. She is probably about five years old and she does not smile, share toys or have any happiness. She is the one in the grocery store totally throwing a hissy fit over bubble gum.  

She has been coming out a lot lately. I am quite sure it is because I do not have a job and I am not contributing in anyway. My goal is to get a job as quickly as possible so that I can lock her in my trunk for a solid decade or two. Oh that is right… little Ms. Pissy Pants…. LOCK YOU IN A TRUNK.  

On a side note… I realized today Joel Olsteen makes all his money on book sales.  I think I need to write a book.