So I am going on month five with no job. Take a look at the word “terrified” in the dictionary and I believe the definition is “So I am going on month five with no job.”  I have more to say on that but will wait till later.  Today I wanted to talk about one of the positive steps I am taking to fix my mess.

Someone once told me that you have to keep your eyes on the horizon. That is meant in every sense of the meaning.  You want a job, you have to keep your eye on the prize. You want to run long distances, you have to literally keep your eyes up and on the horizon.  Lately, I have taken that advice to heart and have been trying to keep my eyes always on the horizon no matter where I am walking.  There is a small problem though… I broke my arm tripping a few months back and it is a struggle for me to keep my eyes off the ground. My instinct is to look down and keep myself in constant defense mode looking for things trying to trip me up.  Try I do though. I was at the dog park this week and for the fifth time in five days while walking I tripped over a tree stump. This time I really tripped big time and dropped my phone and skinned my knees.  As I was sitting there wondering why God hates me…. this came to mind….

This is a great example of life.  How many times have we all had our “eye on the prize” or “the end in sight” or “looking at the horizon” only to trip over some obstacle? I can take it a step further and say that in my life I seem to trip over the SAME obstacle in life again and again and again.  No matter it is in the same spot and I know it is coming, I still trip.  The same things always seem to bring me to my knees. How many times in life when we should be looking up are we looking down in a defensive mode trying to protect ourselves? What are we missing when we are looking down? How many times however are we so open to anything that we trip???

As I sat there contemplating my brilliant thought my dogs came to the rescue and started licking my face and nudging me.  I got back up, wiped off my phone and just kept walking. I have passed that stump now about 20 times (all while keeping my eyes on the horizon and yes I have been counting STOP JUDGING) and have not tripped again.  Maybe………. maybe it took that last time, the 5th time for me to get the point.  “THERE IS A STUMP THERE BLONDE GIRL.”

I am going to take the lesson and apply it to my life. I am tired of tripping. I think I got the point after this last fall. I firmly believe, I am finished tripping (at least in this same spot). I am getting up, wiping myself off and moving forward.

And you cannot stop me…. unless you are a tree stump and then you have a fair chance.