I am a firm believer that God appears in human form to all of us through out our lifetime.  I have no reason to believe that but it is a firm a belief as I have belief that God exists.  I remember hearing a story as a child of God appearing to someone several times during the course of an evening. Each time the person pushed the strangers/paupers off. At the end of the night/story it is revealed that all of those visitors were God. It could be that since I heard that story as a child I believe so firmly. There have just been odd people in my life, quick visitors, that I just stop and realize….. are special.

I met someone yesterday. She didn’t even speak to me. I do not know why she grabbed my attention and that feeling in the bottom of my heart and soul.  I was in the dog park and taking my daily stroll.  I never ever really notice people, just mostly the dogs. Yesterday I saw her. My guess is she was in her 80’s, possibly older. She was dressed to impress and with a dog much bigger and more active then she should probably have. She appeared….grumpy….or quiet maybe.  The second I saw her I stopped and said hello. She didn’t want to talk and she didn’t appear to even want to say hello. She was surprised I had said hello.

I don’t know why I feel the need to talk about her. I have many other thoughts and blogs…. but I feel the need. I have no idea why her image is stuck in my head. Why I think that it was God saying hello to me. Perhaps God showing me my future…

All I know is this beautiful older woman was wearing bright red lipstick perfectly applied.  So now I am quite convinced God wears red lipstick….there I said it. 🙂