I heard two interesting statements this past weekend (because I am listening so hard to everyone my ears hurt).

1. Find someone whose job you want in five years and go and talk to them about how they got there.

2. Everyone has bad days, dark times, highs and lows. Everyone feels ecstatic and despondent no matter how rich, poor, happy, sad etc they are.  Everyone has days they feel on top of the world and days they feel as there is no one that could save them. So chin up buttercup.

So I am trying to keep number 2 in my head as I write this.  I am so frustrated. I know I can manifest what I want, but for some reason the job is still alluding me.  I really took time this weekend (my dogs have never been on so many walks).  I realized a. I cannot figure out one thing to do with any of my interests. b. I really want a job at IHG.  So lets tackle a. first. I love dogs passionately, I really do. I would love to open a doggy daycare if money was falling off trees. I know if there was a need I could beg borrow and steal this money. BUT THERE IS NO NEED. There is literally a doggy daycare on every corner.  Ok so tea parties, dress up, doll houses. OMG THERE ARE ABOUT 100 different companies in Atlanta that do that.  I love credit reports and personal finance.  However all that works for is non-profit (10 dollars an hour) and I cannot even find open positions for that. I also LOVE full health benefits, 401k matches, pensions etc. They make me literally SMILE 🙂 so… lets roll back into my interests and the corporate field.

So I figured lets find a niche doggy daycare that has not been filled. Ha, there are daycares for under 15 lbs, for border collies, for over 50 lbs, for under 50 lbs, for sick animals, for only well animals and I can go on.

Which brought me back to I REALLY loved my jobs at IHG and USIT. I just hated some people and I hate the constant travel. Well, that is not true. I loved travel I just missed home.  Which brought me to b. I could work for IHG which is based in Atlanta. This would be a corporate job, little to no travel. I have experience oozing out my ears…… Ok good, there is my goal.  So I am going to work towards that.  I do love hotels and I love hospitality.  I also love my desk and my office space.  I love time with my dogs and workouts and family and IHG is very 9-5.  Ok, so the challenge…. I have reached out to my 20+ contacts there and nothing. I have interviewed there and nothing. I have even had people personally reach out to hiring managers with open jobs to send my resume…and nothing. I even had a friend stomp into the office of a director and demand to know why I had not been interviewed…nothing.

So this week I am going to really manifest IHG. I am going to put my heart and soul into it. If a job gets posted that I qualify for I am going to move heaven and hell to make it happen.