I always was confused by the term Frenemy… then my bff started getting on my case with many things that made quite a bit of sense. She is so irritating…errr I mean right, she is so RIGHT.  So let me fast forward. November, December and most of January have passed with no blogs.  So catch up, still no job (STRESSED) but I am on day 17 of a strict Whole30.  I will go more into that tomorrow. Ok back to my frenemy. (Am I even spelling that right, where is a 13 year old when you need one?) 

So my bff has challenged me that I might be unemployed because I am not looking for my real calling in life.  It is much more complex than that but I tried to capture her in a nutshell. Which now that I think about it is close to impossible and I am very proud of myself for attempting. So I sat down and just let my mind go crazy and came up with the following. So no one will think I have no faults… I tried to stay positive and only talk about the positive/good qualities I have. Why did I skip the negative? 1. My bff would kill me 2. She would roll her eyes at me and that is worse than her killing me 3. I would have been exhausted typing for 8 straight hours with all of my faults. 🙂 

Tomorrow I will go more into the Whole30 stuff but for today….. Here is what I came up with:

Dear Frenemy,


January 18, 2013


Day 17 of Whole30


I feel much better than last weekend. I am sleeping like the dead (interestingly no dreams about food) but no longer exhausted during the day.  Cravings are not crazy but I am avoiding going out much. Feel really good but my pants fill a tad tighter grrrrr.


What makes me happy:


Dogs, cleaning, organizing, credit reports, budgeting, watching/reading true crime, reading, memorizing, writing to make people laugh through telling stories.


What gets me excited:


Talking in front of people about subjects I know, being a subject matter expert, listening and watching, having all the answers, being in charge as the number 2 (because we all know the number 2 really does everything J). Debating about things I know I am right about.


Career Options: Opening a doggy daycare, becoming a groomer, working for a doggy daycare, opening a cleaning company, working for a cleaning company, becoming a specialist in organizing, become a financial advisor, become a lawyer, become a speaker/subject matter expert, become an administrative assistant, become an office manager, become a house manager, become a personal assistant.


What I am good at:


I have the personality and looks to be a number one, but being number two brings me far greater joy.  I can see the big picture but I love the little details that make it up. I can be a politician and convince people I agree with then while finding a way to do what I know is best and convincing them it was their idea in the first place.  I can sense what people need or want usually before they even realize it (as a tour guide I could tell in five minutes the type of tour not only the director of the group wanted but what the group wanted. Most people cannot do that I have come to realize). I am a watcher and a listener and I find trends/patterns and then circumvent and prepare.  I see things faster (operationally) than most and I can fix the bigger picture by sensing the small detailed challenges.  I CARE, I care about everything I am part of.


What I want:


A big huge animal farm paid for completely with no debt.  Possibly in Georgia so I can be outside all year with my animals. Have horses and dogs and maybe a few smaller animals for kids to play with.  I want the inside to be completely decorated and organized and clean. Comfortable and large enough that my dogs can be anywhere in the house but clean enough that non-animal lovers would feel comfortable there to.  I want BIG huge leather couches that are deep and you fall into, a huge wrap around sectional. Big comfy blankets everywhere.  Have people that work for me in the stables while I travel so all the animals are taken care of.

I also want a house in Portsmouth, NH within walking distance of downtown paid for completely so I can go home whenever I want.  Large enough to entertain my friends. A big chef’s kitchen and more huge leather sectional deep comfy leather sofas.

I would like to be a subject matter expert. I would like a job that gave me the flexibility to work from the office or my house depending on my mood that day.  I would like to travel when I want and even speak about the subject matter.

I want to travel a few times a year to NYC, San Francisco, Costa Rica, etc.

Pay off my parents condo completely and let them go back and forth between my farm and their condo when they want without having to worry about money.