So recap on yesterday. I “cried”, whined and threw little fits but I did not have soda. Other than REALLY wanting one I had no withdrawal symptoms.  I only drank water all day (and drank one gallon).  The Red Sox played last night so I stayed up to watch the game. Then I HAD to watch two shows after that on the DVR.  Good news is I was strangely wide awake which I thought was odd with no caffeine.  This morning Dave got up at 7 am and I got up and made him lunch. I felt sluggish and Halo and Jax were all curled up so I crawled back into bed for five minutes.  I woke up three hours later. I basically slept for 10 hours.  Dragging myself out of bed, I thought I was going to collapse onto the ground.

I also ran (ok walked and ran) three miles. Today I am going to run and do Insanity. My goal is to run further than yesterday.

So I am on the right track:

Drank a gallon of water

Did not have soda 

Ran/Walked 3 miles.

And I lied, due to the degree of tired I will be eating well today but starting paleo tomorrow!!!!!!