So it is actually 10/28 this was created but the title hit me last night and I did not want to forget it!! Ok, day one and the first rule is to admit your problems…. and my name is Jenny….and I am a coke addict. Specifically, diet coke.  I am not “fat” in today’s standards. I am NOT thin and not very healthy but I am lucky that I “wear my clothes well”. (That is what I hear anyways).  I do drink diet coke to excess. 2 liters a day? AMATEURS I say.  I was just reading a few articles on giving up drinking soda and one author mentioned a man in the Philippines that drank 8 cans of soda a day. 8?? Again, I say AMATEUR. At one point of my life I was easily spending $100-$150 a month on soda (hmm including diet coke and captain lets push that up to $200).  I have tried so many times to give it up and once, it was for about six months. I remember I had just started dating my now fiance and I decided to give up diet coke as he was teasing me about it. Three days I was in bed, nightsweats, fever, chills, stomach pain, headaches. It finally reached the point where I went to the emergency room because this was more than withdrawal, I must have the flu.

NOPE…. the doctors told me I had one of the worst case of withdrawals they had seen. Seriously… I HAVE A PROBLEM.

People always ask me when it started. I was raised in a home with NO SODA. I had the best mom ever about that.  Even in high school, when I had extra cash I bought a “Clearly Canadian” sparkling water and thought that was CRAZY!  I then got to college and was handed a meal card, red flag one…I can buy ANYTHING in this whole place? That is when I started drinking soda, but maybe one a day and I could go many days without.  After college I took an internship making $7 an hour. I look back with fondness as I met a dear friend over this time but we were poor. If someone left us a tip (oops back up I was a housekeeper in a nice hotel) it was a dollar or two. We were always hungry so we would run to McDonalds and buy a cheeseburger and a diet coke. I can still remember how happy that Diet Coke made me.  Over the years I was promoted from hotel to hotel. The hours got longer and the stress was overwhelming at times. The one item each hotel had??? FREE SODA in the form of a soda fountain.  Addicts always have a special way they like their drugs, I happen to love mine in the form of a fountain soda. NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER.

So today, I sit at this computer and admit I have a problem. I have a 24 oz glass of water beside me with a hot cup of water with a half a lemon squeezed in. I WILL drink a gallon of water today (slowly through out the day) and I will NOT drink Diet Coke.  When I have a craving, I will take a walk or play with my dogs or read a chapter in my new book.

Last night I slept for nine hours but it was not a restful sleep. I tossed and turned and woke up again and again. I will go into more about the why of that on Wednesday but…I did it 9 hours and no tv.

Tomorrow we will discuss my new eating plan. I start today on that as well!